What Is The Hope of Laundry Love?

LL is about people joining together.

LL believes that through the neutral space of a laundromat, every guest and stranger can become a friend. This idea tears at the labeled constructs of “us” and “them” and erodes the societal, economic and cultural divides that separate people.

LL is not the goal, but a beginning.

LL believes in meaningful collaboration. It seeks interagency partnerships.

LL is not only about affecting but also being affected. It fosters a mutual life change through relational reciprocity.

LL seeks to pull neighbor out of neighborhood and encourage everyday hospitality and rebuilding or rekindling trust within a community or neighborhood through human care. Unity built by selfless concern and consistency.

LL calls us to live lives that return. LL is not meant to be a one-off effort. It’s a commitment. A life that returns is a practice of love.

LL is not a service project or something you “do to” “or for” people. It’s an expression of living “with” others.

LL can be contextualized for every neighborhood and city everywhere. There are 35,000 coin operated laundromats in the U.S. We have much room to grow.

LL leans toward asset-based community development (ABCD). ABCD is learning what gifts are present among those you serve and encouraging and kindling responsibility and dignity through the thoughtful process of moving the LL guest/friend away from dependency toward interdependency.